Wild Rockies Field Institute

College Credit

Every WRFI course has been approved for college credit at/through the University of Montana, and a high percentage of our students take our courses for credit they can use toward their college degrees. In fact, taking a WRFI course can be a cost-effective way to fulfill required or elective course credits for many undergraduate degrees.

WRFI has been offering college credit through the University of Montana for more than 20 years. WRFI offers 300-level credit in a number of departments, including Environmental Studies, Forestry, Resource Conservation, Geography, Native American Studies and Science.

To date, we have enrolled students from almost three hundred colleges and universities across the country and Canada. Upon completion of a WRFI course, students receive an official transcript from the University of Montana to transfer the credits back to their home institution. Alternatively, students can arrange credit from their home institution via an independent study program.

To discuss how a WRFI course and/or its credits through the University of Montana can contribute to your undergraduate studies, contact the WRFI office for a course syllabus and share it with your academic advisor. It will cost an additional $135 to $675 for a credit filing fee to receive the credits from the University of Montana.