Wild Rockies Field Institute

Safety and Awareness

Safety comes first on all our courses, and we take great pride in our excellent safety record. All our instructors are experienced backcountry guides certified in wilderness emergency medical response, and our student-teacher ratios are kept low (no more than 5:1) to ensure our students get the care and attention they deserve.

Learning to identify and avoid potential risks is one of the most valuable skills that students can take home with them. While generally quite safe, wilderness travel does come with inherent risks. Injuries and accidents can happen. Students and parents should be aware of the potential for dangerous situations to arise, but WRFI has established procedures to protect both students and the environment.

The remoteness of our course locations often dictates that most medical problems that arise – scrapes, sprains, or illness – will be handled in the field. If they happen, serious injuries or illness may require evacuations to a medical facility. Instructors carry cell phones or satellite phones, depending on the remoteness of the area, to ensure student safety is never compromised.

We expect students to take responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of other members of the course. Students who jeopardize the safety of the group or any participant will be sent home immediately, at their own expense.