Wild Rockies Field Institute


At WRFI, we appreciate it when you help spread the word about the value of our courses. We also want to recognize the loyalty of our repeat students. That’s why we offer WRFI Way Discounts.

There are four ways to score from WRFI:

  • Montana Resident Discount: Take 15% off tuition for any course! Our version of "In-State Tuition".
  • Come Again: Take a second course at 10% off.
  • All in the Family: Convince a sibling to take one of our courses and they will get the 10% discount (and you’ll get a $100 recruiting bonus)
  • Buddy Bonus: Recruit a friend to join you on your WRFI experience and you’ll receive $100 off your tuition. (Your recruit must list your name in essay question #5 of his/her application!)

We also pay alumni a $100 recruiting bonus for students they recruit to take one of our courses.

See our scholarships section for information on WRFI scholarships.