Wild Rockies Field Institute

General Scholarship Fund

We believe our courses, and the special way we teach them, are an extraordinary part of not only a quality education, but the training we all need to realize our potential and become thoughtful and engaged citizens.

Overwhelmingly, the young men and women who participate in our courses come away fundamentally changed. They learn more about themselves and the complex and beautiful world in which they live. Many of our students acknowledge that their WRFI experience was instrumental in helping them figure out what to do with the rest of their lives – whether it’s an undergraduate major, a career path, or graduate or law school.

While we keep our prices as affordable as possible, and much lower than other organizations offering similar programs, they are still out of reach for many people. Please help us help others have a WRFI experience by donating to our General Scholarship Fund. These scholarships help to offset costs and allow tomorrow’s leaders, no matter their current socio-economic situation, to learn the WRFI Way.

Visit our donation page today. 100% of your donation will go to a deserving WRFI student.